About me

I am an iOS developer passionate for mobile development. I have worked more than 4 years developing apps and managing projects, using my app designer skills to make the best UX choices for the end user. Consequently, I have done the necessary documentation to develop the frontend and backend of the numerous projects in which I have participated.

Moreover, I have acquired a wide knowledge on advertising and marketing, since I have managed and implemented advertising campaigns through DoubleClick on different websites.

I am a very enthusiastic person who strives for learning new technologies and looks for ways to improve myself in this rapidly changing industry. I am always challenging myself to innovate and I really enjoy to work hard in the things I am involved in.




  BlonderfulApps    –    2014 to 2017

I am the manager of mobile app development together with Jonathan Mateos and we develop our own iOS applications. We work together on the documentation and design the prototypes.

Also, we create the models, activity diagrams, flow diagrams and documentation for Restful web APIs. Concerning the designs, I work on them and then Jonathan and I develop together in the project. When we finished the app, we work in the ASO.


I developed the complete app . I created the model and design. Then I began to develop. I did this app to Final Degree Project. I finished the Degree with honors.

Euro 2016

I did this app with me co-worker Jonathan Mateos. This app contains all information about the Euro 2016.

Real Oviedo

I developed this app with Jonathan Mateos. We did a app to Real Oviedo Football Team.


Jonathan and I developed the app that is a social sport network.


App created to manage formations.

  Grupo M Contigo   –   2015 to 2017

I was the manager of mobile app development in the enterprise and I developed myself several iOS applications. In addition, I had an important role in the marketing department, being responsible for the advertising technical aspects of about 40 blogs.

Concerning the mobile development, I carried out the documentation and designed the prototypes. I supervised the mobile developers of the enterprise and participated in the process of developing iOS applications. I also worked in the ASO of apps and their subsequent marketing in social networks.

In the marketing area, I implemented advertising on the numerous websites and blogs of the enterprise and I managed the advertising campaigns through DoubleClick.

Furthermore, I was responsible for the training of the new employees, not only on the mobile developing knowledge but also on the advertising management.


I developed the complete app on Objective -C  and created the model. About the Android version, I planned, managed and reviewed the development in this operating system.

Cursos: La Mente es Maravillosa

I managed the app development. I also developed some functionalities.


I managed the development in iOS and Android.


I managed the development in the app. I created the models, documentation and the tasks.

Mejor con Salud

This app is a web app. I managed their development.

La mente es Maravillosa

I managed the app development.

Neoáurea   –   2013

Planning, analysis and design of a project that was implemented with Python in Blender.

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